Prejudiced and Discriminatory Propaganda via Emotional Appeal–”Dead-beat Dads”

“Dead-beat dads” are created by the government. Emotional justice (again using the emotional appeal of children, as was the case in the Sandy Hook school incident to take away our gun rights) to leverage prejudice against men is effectively used to persuade a mass populous in a prejudiced campaign. This sex-prejudiced identity does not exist prior to any court intervention–a discriminatory, extortion process of assessing fathers as dollar signs. A father’s support to the child is to be assessed no different than the mother’s, going directly to the child in no matter what form–emotional, food, gifts, warmth, shelter, etc. and not discounted and purposely deprived in order to place him as the parent having obligations without rights—a mere slave. And he is not to ever be imprisoned per Constitutional law for not fulfulling this government made-up financial identity. In tact families that are poor aren’t sought out and the father taken from them and imprisoned.

government controlUnder the government-imposed terms of Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action the designation “dead-beat dad,” a term first publicly coined by the first President Bush, is self-evident of prejudice and discrimination due to the fact dads are labeled as financial obligees more than are moms. The term can not exist unless discriminatory practice by government exists to purposely assess more fathers than mothers with the financial/slave identity to begin with. However, the government isn’t holding back jobs from women to compensate for men being designated as the financial obligees either. This equates to a mere set-up in modern society for men who are first not only purposely deprived equal parental rights to impute financial obligations (with less justification than a personal debt–what the government system has arbitrarily deemed child support in place of the father’s forced absence). The whole premise to this line of thought is based on the mother having parental rights over the father—a condition that does not exist prior, as under the unity of marriage, and therefore that has no legitimate standing thereafter.

child supportWhat amounts as a mere attempt to try to justify this injustice is the claim that some fathers don’t care about their children and that they only want custody to not pay child support. The argument is not valid. Some fathers aren’t even allowed to choose whether a child be born or aborted or adopted out, and/or are only sought out later to provide finances–a demented lack of values combined with deprivation of equal rights and coercion represented by our government. There are mothers who do not care about their children, many who only want children and custody as tokens to receive government-imposed benefits. The government is actually accusing fathers of the counter practice it supports in mothers! Yet, we don’t hear “official” terms made up against them. This is because, due to chivalry and feminist influence, special privileged terms are created and supported for women by the government, one that is guilty of using children to exhume money despite the importance of fathers in their lives and the rights of fathers to have them. The term “dead-beat dad” therefore directly reflects a government-instilled discriminatory policy against fathers. The prejudiced campaign creates many beat-dead dads. So many people, including many men, come to accept these terms and subjective conditions purposely sculptured for women by the government and its propaganda that they too accept the societal condition, even though it all amounts to nothing more than hypocrisy. These terms are never to be regarded as acceptable in a society that also claims to uphold equal justice for all.

Alan Millard

Alan Millard was raised on a farm in northwestern Washington where he was involved in a family-owned feed and cattle business. He has worked with wildlife, cattle and other livestock, and with a diversity of people at all levels. Mr. Millard has lived in the farming community as well as in the city environment. His experience includes occupations as land resource manager, woodsman/logger, construction worker, professor, phlebotomist, naturalist, and park ranger. He is an accomplished writer, broadcaster, public speaker, and educator.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources from Western Washington University, a Master’s degree in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix, additional graduate work completed in Anthropology from the University of Utah, other graduate work completed in education, English, and history from Weber State University, as well as doctoral studies in psychology from North Central University and Capella University. For the past 11 years he has been employed at Weber State University where he has taught as a professor and worked in the testing center.

Alan Millard has a background of knowledge and experience gained from several natural resource agencies. His first appointment was with the National Park Service as a back-country ranger in Colorado. He then worked as a Washington State Park Ranger along the Columbia River near Astoria, Oregon. After this, he worked for the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada as a supervisor over a district’s campgrounds and wilderness study areas. He then became a Utah State Park Ranger, with his last appointment as a ranger/naturalist and visitor center manager.

Mr. Millard has also gained knowledge and experience from his personal research, visitation and exploration of the most renown, and many remote, cultural sites—both occupied and abandoned. He has been actively involved in various projects designed to preserve local history and the environment. He served as a committee team member inan effort to preserve the historical, cultural and natural resource values of the Wendover, Nevada area, which include such interests as Danger Cave and Juke Box Cave, the Enola Gay Hanger, the Bonneville Salt Flats, the Donner-Reed/Hastings Cut-off Trail, Pilot Peak landmark, and the Bonneville Speedway.

Alan Millard developed a self-perpetuating miniature environment of the Great Salt Lake, complete with brine shrimp, brine flies and algae, and secured the Fremont Island archaeological exhibit (Stoddard Collection), for which project he helped prepare and write the text. These exhibits are currently on display at the Antelope Island State Park visitor center and are often visited by university students and professors, and the general public.

Mr. Millard has had many articles published, been a guest speaker on many radio talk shows, conducted news announcements on local events, and appeared on television for environmental and societal news shorts. He has conducted many presentations and educational seminars, and been featured as a guest speaker at writers’ and other conferences.

He has also edited other natural resource publications, and is one of the co-authors of Great Salt Lake–an overview of change, Gywnn. His speaking engagements pertain to both political issues and natural resource education. He is involved in parental/fathers’ and men’s rights.

He heads a men’s rights advocacy group, Men and Fathers for Justice, and is the author of several books, with his first being Equality: A Man’s Claim, and two others pertaining to local history and the environment, including his latest, The Great Salt Lake Regional Book of Facts and Exploration

Alan Millard continues to be a tutor, mentor, speaker, writer, and loving father. He believes his greatest asset is the ability to think for himself, with the courage to express the truth to others.