Community Writing Forum

Nurture your skill, grow your audience


We hold monthly community meetings to network, share ideas and resources. We also dedicate an hour to reading and critiquing. We welcome writers of any background and experience to join us!

If you’d like to bring a piece of writing to share, it can be of any genre, (with the exception of erotica or slander.) It should be no more than 5 pages, double spaced in a 12 point font. You are also welcome to bring an outline or a story idea to discuss.

Our next community forum is:

Thursday, October 2nd  7-9pm
Hastings Hardback Cafe
340 E 525 N Harrisville (In the plaza east of Wal Mart)

5 thoughts on “Community Writing Forum

    • Please contact us if you’d like us to edit or help in any way. We also have a Facebook page if you’d like to join us on there. We do have a few people who are a part of our “electronic” group.

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