Local Resources

Local Classes

Michael Combe, author of Trust with a Razor and the fantasy Convergence series recently teamed up with the Emerging Authors Project to offer mentoring and training to new writers everywhere. Michael teaches monthly writing classes at Pleasant Valley Library as part of this effort.

Our group has been attending his class for the past year. We love Michael’s teaching style, he’s hilarious and really gets down to the basics of how to connect with readers. His classes are an invaluable local resource for anyone who wants to write fiction.

To find out more about Michael, his books and for details about upcoming classes, visit his website, www.michaelcombe.com.

Our Fave Places to Write

Every writer knows finding the perfect space to write is key to cranking out good writing. The following are some of our favorite places to sit back, enjoy a yummy drink and let the creative juices flow!

Salt Rock Coffee
270 12th St., Ogden

A cool coffee shop and cafe’ with big tables and comfy leather couches. The interior is decorated with a cool, music/guitar theme and shares part of the building with a Christian church, The Genesis Project. Here you’ll find O-town’s friendliest staff, and quite possibly the most delectable coffee on earth. We’re trying to get them to extend their evening hours so if you go, tell them the local writers group sent you!

Pearl Milk Tea Club
110 25th St., Ogden

In the heart of Ogden on Historic 25th Street, Pearl Milk Tea Club is unique among Ogden’s coffee houses. They are Ogden’s first shop to offer pearl milk tea also known as boba tea or bubble tea. The pearls are tea-infused tapioca pearls nestled in the bottom of a milk mixture giving an uncommon texture to the drink. At Pearl Milk Tea Club it is served with a huge straw and a friendly smile. (You’d be surprised how fast you’ll become addicted to the texture-y goodness. Cindy even claims the pearls are her antidote for writers block.)

Lori was the first of our group to visit this unique tea shop, and the first time she walked through Pearl Milk’s door, she was greeted by a friendly gentleman who  told her to make herself comfortable and move the furniture around to suit her needs. He pointed out the outlets for my laptop and offered to get her whatever she needed. Lori instantly felt at ease and at home, and the rest of us followed suit.

Pearl Milk stands out not only in their menu, but also in the ambiance of their tea house. It’s a place to go and feel calm and relaxed. It’s a place for excellent conversation among friends, laughter, creativity, and of course, writing.

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