Post for a Winter Morning


This word has been circling around in my head lately. Maybe because between the winter gray, life’s demanding schedules and lack of free time, I’ve felt like any creativity, power, or self-motivation I can usually tap into at will is exactly that: Dormant.

Just like the tiny, frozen sprouts of grass underground, late winter in this climate always makes me sort of sink quietly into myself. I’m tired. It’s cold- outside. Heck, its cold inside!

It’s dark and silent and frozen inside my soul. And the things that were once green, alive with growth and light are hidden away beneath layers of snow and ice and frozen black earth.

But here’s what I seem to forget every winter: the most beautiful thing about February is that, even as the trees bend beneath the weight of the latest storm, tiny buds are starting to emerge from their branches. It takes a quiet mind and a searching soul to see them—but do this: Pull a frozen twig down, close to your face. Look closely. What you’ll see is literally life after death.Image

 Sometimes it’s hard for us to see that what feels like death is actually the very antithesis of it. It is a rebirth; regeneration of life and all that confines it, often without logical explanation.

Consider this:

The sun re-appears and grows stronger with every passing, late winter day. Its light and heat is exactly the strength needed to coax sprouts out of the earth. New life is born under the deepest snow of winter. Spring happens without anyone forcing or willing it. It has purpose and meaning. It has boundless potential. As do we.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard say in the last few weeks:

“I guess I have the winter blues. I just don’t want to do anything. I feel dead inside.”

If you feel unmotivated, tired, soulless, dormant, you aren’t alone. And it doesn’t mean you’re damaged or depressed, or dead inside. In fact the very opposite is true.

A period of dark and quiet is precisely what happens before the most beautiful things are born. So instead of begrudging yourself for wanting to just hold still all the time- sink into it for just a little longer. Be still and just breathe. Listen to the quiet inside your soul.

Wait… did anyone else hear that?

Spring approaches.

Much Love to All,


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About loriking

Lori is a writer whose home is full. She has five children, a dog, a turtle, a lizard, five ducks, three chickens, and a husband providing her hours of entertainment, awareness, anxiety and pure joy. They also mess up her house quite a bit. Currently, her diet consists mostly of left over macaroni and cheese and peanut butter sandwiches which she refuses to let go to waste. Lori's favorite pastimes are hiking, swimming, reading and writing which she does with her fellow nerdy friends in a rather quirky, local writers group. You can find their fiction (among other things) here.

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