Woke Up and Remembered

Wish I could believe this was all a big misunderstanding
That you’re thinking of me as much as I’m thinking of you
Don’t know what else to do…

I’d give anything to hear your voice again
I don’t care if we can’t be more than friends
I miss you…

You’re gonna regret letting me go… Just a matter of time, babe.

But you’ve cut me off

You hung me out to dry

All I can do is cry and wait for the pain to stop

Then start again…

I know it’s silly to still dream
You could be the one I need
When you take every opportunity to prove to me you’re not…

I’m just a hopeless romantic
Lost in this cynical world
A heart without a home to live in
A hand without another to hold

I had a dream you showed up again
We talked it out, we’re on the mend…

Then I woke up and remembered…

You cut me off

Hung me out to dry

I won’t cry over you anymore, only one way to settle this score

Time for me to start again.
And now, the last strand connecting you to me has finally been severed.
I hope you feel better.
You’re free.

You’re gonna regret letting me go… Just a matter of time, babe.


About Jenny

Jenny Shaw is a die-hard Ogdeneer; local community supporter, little bit of a hippy, lover of music, anything British and sparkles. She can be found regularly at the Grounds for Coffee on 30th and Harrison, doing homework and drinking coffee or at the Sandtrap on any given Wednesday, singing her heart out at karaoke.

When she isn’t helping with Indie Ogden, she is volunteering all over town, when she’s not at work with the Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership (Head Start). Jenny also works with the Buy Local (Ogden) group and is passionate about promoting, connecting and uplifting local businesses to make a stronger, more unified community and economy.

If you ever want to catch Jenny, just track her down at MacCool’s for ½ priced appetizers, at any of the fabulous vintage stores scattered throughout Ogden playing dress-up with Mikaela, or with the rest of Indie Ogden wandering around our lovely town.