August 3rd Forum Meeting

The meeting on August 3rd will be moved to August 10th.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience.

Our forum meetings are growing and the feedback we have received from our attendees has been invaluable. Besides, meeting once a month with a group of writers is good for your soul and inspiring…as well as instructive.

For information on our forum meetings visit us here.

Feel free to join us at any of these events.

Follow us on Facebook for the latest in Writing the Fire shenanigans.

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About loriking

Lori is a writer whose home is full. She has five children, a dog, a turtle, a lizard, five ducks, three chickens, and a husband providing her hours of entertainment, awareness, anxiety and pure joy. They also mess up her house quite a bit. Currently, her diet consists mostly of left over macaroni and cheese and peanut butter sandwiches which she refuses to let go to waste. Lori's favorite pastimes are hiking, swimming, reading and writing which she does with her fellow nerdy friends in a rather quirky, local writers group. You can find their fiction (among other things) here.

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