Top Ten Tuesday

Hey Firefans,

We decided to try something new this month, a weekly “Top Ten List” about writers. Whether these will continue to be humorous, sarcastic, or downright bitter, I simply cannot predict. Coming from our group, I suspect you will see a bit of each.

This one is based on a few things I’ve come across during the last year- having admitted to the world that I like to write fiction. Lots of polite-yet-unsettled smiles and awkward silences at family picnics, if ya know what I mean. So I thought I’d start with a list of our quirks to get this stuff out there in the open, hopefully save a fellow writer somewhere a little embarrassment.

Top 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Fiction Writers

10 – We compare real people to fictional characters. (Sorry about that one folks. It’s morally unjustifiable. We know. But it’s truth.)

9- We have imaginary friends. (Otherwise known as fictional characters.)

8 -Writers are not afraid of hard work. Most of us have other jobs, and besides writing is really *&#*#! hard work, most of the time!

7- That being said, there is such a thing as self-induced writers block. And procrastination can be friend as well as foe.

6- We do not wear sweaters all the time, own multiple cats, and drink coffee religiously. Eduard “Santa” Gorey and kitty.

(Well…I do adore a good cardigan. By pure coincidence, I own two cats and and… Okay can we just scratch this one?)

5- All writers are not grammar freaks. We write incomplete sentences, misuse apostrophes, change tenses inappropriately all the time. We have just become adept at finding mistakes and fixing them before you see.

4 – We don’t always write what we know. I mean, really? That’s like going to an amusement park for the first time and only riding the parking lot shuttle.

3 – You probably aren’t in our novel.

(Along with this, please don’t ask us if you can be in our novel.)

2-  Some modified version of something you did or said at any given moment in time is probably in our novel.

Including you having asked if you can be in our novel.


And the Number One Thing You Probably Didn’t Know About Fiction Writers…

1-  Most of us aren’t writing to get published, get on the NY Times Bestseller list and become famous authors drinking imported Italian coffee and buying diamond studded collars for our rooms full of cats.

We aren’t writing because it’s a hobby either.

We’re writing because, as Gloria Steinem said:

“It’s the only thing that when I do it, I don’t feel like I should be doing something else.”

Until next time,


12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. The top ten list all true and accurate except number one for me. My book/s being published is the only hope I have left in this world. It would be everything to me and would lead my life in a positive direction. The famous part I don’t care at all about, I just want to be happy.

  2. I know what you mean Ryan, and indeed getting published, and having a book become widely read and known would be welcome for most writers. However, I suspect you didn’t choose writing because it’s likely to be lucrative… because a lot of times it isn’t. I’d guess that most of us chose writing because its what we love to do. Am I right?

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  4. Hi, Cindy! I apologize in advance for spamming the crap out of this blog but I’m revisiting WordPress and am loving what you guys have here. My favorite has to be number 9, number 4, number 3. It bugs me to no end when people joke (but are desperately serious) about me writing stories about them. Like, don’t even start. Just go home with that.

  5. Glad to see you here Kelsey and we will all be sure to follow you back as well. And, personally I think asking a writer to put you in her novel is pretty much the kiss of death…

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  8. GREAT post — where’s your “like” button (not the Socials, the one at the top next to reblog, usually).

    Just back-linked this to a Top Ten on “The Top Ten Products I wouldn’t want to live without” (books count, right?).

    I’m an Evergreen blog – so I periodically update links. on older content. This week it’s the T-10’s turn. I want to put you in another one too “The Top Ten ‘Useless’ Things I’ll NEVER Get Rid Of” – I’ll ping you. Check out #4 & #5 and you’ll understand why.

    AND NOW, I have a story to which I’m pretty sure you will relate (hey, no dangling prepositions in THIS comment!)

    . . . About a decade ago, I bumped into a writer friend of mine at the local Krogers, openly sobbing as she shopped. I was grocery shopping with a non-writer friend. The crying friend, K, blubbered out, “Sheldon died, I just didn’t see it coming.”

    Now YOU can probably guess that Sheldon was a character in her novel in process, but you should have seen the look on my other friend’s face at K’s dagger eyes at her when she figured it out and blurted “Oh, thank goodness, I thought you meant a real person.”

    Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CMC, SCAC, MCC
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    (blogs: ADDandSoMuchMore, ADDerWorld & ethosconsultancynz – dot com)
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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