Writing Amidst Life

It’s a little uncanny,

Near the beginning of the year, our group came up with the idea to let our community of friends, family and fellow writers fill our blog with their musings. It would be led by whatever posts came in, with no particular order or plan.  Lori decided to plan for March to be mainly guest posts. And as it turns out, the past month was just the time we were going to need help from the outside most.

Over the past month the three of us have taken turns having meltdowns, induced by relationship dramas, family issues and work stress. The three of us have alternately expressed our need to back off of everything, including our writing projects and this blog. We sent each other statements like:dreams5048468_headache_girl

“I just can’t promise anything right now.”

“I hate that I’m forced to decide, but I have to let some things go.”

“I just have to… breathe.”

Don’t worry. We still love this space. We still want to write. We’re all going to be ok. We’re just going through…well, life. So I decided that for the blog in April, the beginning of spring and therefore the very soul of change itself would be about just that: Writing… Amidst Life.

For each of us, writing provides something beyond producing a story or organizing information on a page. It’s more a reminder that we are driven by a Higher Power; true and honest sources we can’t see or explain, only feel. Feel, and work like hell to get that feeling onto paper so that others might feel it too.

In the throes of raising children, supporting spouses, building relationships, working like maniacs at new endeavors and trying not to look back at old mistakes, in the highs and the lows that life throws toward us with no abandon, we still write. We find ways. We have to. Our sanity depends on it. It’s how we get through all of those things and still come out O.K.

And yet…writing itself is like any other career, full of bliss and tedium, depending on the day. We’re like everyonewriters-block else, trying to squeeze our best selves out of what life gives hands us, at any given moment.

So this month we’re going give you a glimpse into our crazy little lives. (Hang on, it isn’t as frightening as you think.) We’ll share our favorite books and movies—the ones that not only draw us in with their stories, but inspire us to create something likewise. We’ll share our secrets for staying motivated. And, as a little bonus we’ve all agreed to share some of our works-in-progress with you, so that you can see a little deeper inside the process. (Yes. Fiction too!)

In April, our posts will illustrate how we’re inspired and discouraged. What keeps us going when it seems nothing can. Like friends who take up the slack, fellow-writers who leave their fire on our pages when we just can’t seem to find a match.

Stay tuned Firefans. iStock_Chapter1

Lots more to come,


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